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Community Action Plans for Toronto Centre

In 2010, Glen Murray began to collaborate with Toronto Centre representatives on a community planning process that asked Toronto Centre residents to develop plans that will set out goals and outcomes for our neighbourhoods. The Community Action plans will work with existing community plans and initiatives to strength our abilities in Toronto Centre to make improvements.

These plans will seek to connect the needs of our communities with the resources, assets and tools we can use to make improvements. We are asking the community to identify key priorities for the next 5, 10 and 15 years.

The community planning process will gather residents, community organizations, residents associations and business improvement areas for community planning meetings. At these meetings, we will review the assets of our community and ask members of the community to focus on key priorities for the neighbourhood. We expect to get the first draft of the community plans ready for the Fall of 2010.

The Community Action Plans will:

  • Ask residents to describe how they interact with and define their neighbourhoods. We want to know what works and what needs to be improved
  • Identify community and government assets that are available in Toronto Centre
  • Create opportunities for leveraging community assets, resources and government investments
  • Explore how current community plans and initiatives can work together
  • Bring together community members, non-profit groups and government officials to work together to identify priorities

Why do we need a community plan?

  • Develop long-term solutions for critical challenges
  • Fully explore the assets of our community
  • Reduce the ‘silo’ effect between government initiatives
  • Increase the available resources for housing, health care, and infrastructure
  • Identify key pieces of Government of Ontario owned land that can be used for development of community spaces

What areas will the community plan focus on?

  • Biodiversity, Resilience and Nature
  • Health, Wellness and Aging
  • Culture, Art, Identity, Participation and Cultural Competency
  • Children and youth led development
  • Energy, Mobility, Water and Connectivity
  • Housing, Jobs and Investment
  • Education and life long learning

Mapping our community:

The community planning process will also work with the City of Toronto and the provincial government to assist with developing a series of interactive maps for Toronto Centre.

Community Action Plan Surveys

As part of our Community Action Plan we have created a number surveys in order to gain a better understanding of who the residents and communities in Toronto Centre are and what are the important issues. To take part in our surveys please clink the links below:

 Survey 1: Toronto Centre Community Planning Survey

Survey 2: Neighbourhood Priorities Survey

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